Small Business Marketing And Consulting

YCHANGE provides small business marketing and consulting services to help your company adopt a customer-driven marketing focus.  Every  successful startup or existing small business must know their  favorite customers and the reason they buy from them.  We also help you identify your target markets and develop the marketing messages that resonate with these customer sets.  Lastly, we help you communicate these messages to those target customers using the most appropriate media.

If you fit either of the following categories:

  • 1 – 50 employees.  Revenue < $50 million.  Any industry.  Over 1 year in business.  Don’t know your favorite customers.  Don’t have a marketing message.
  • Startup.  Any industry. <1 year in business.  No business plan.  Don’t know which customers to target.  Don’t have a marketing message.

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Other services we provide:

Business Planning.
Access to Capital.
Social Media Marketing.
Search Engine Optimization

To stay current with the issues impacting small business marketing and consulting, read our blog at: Jumpstart Your Business.  For helpful business advice and other useful information read our business articles and executive briefs and link to the other useful business resources.