The Theme Song of Your Customers on WIIFM

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Remember that you’re in business to solve your customers’ problems with a product or service solution that you are certain will satisfy their needs and take care of the pain they are suffering from. The emphasis here is on your customers not your product/service or your company.

Everything you do should be geared toward your prospective customers:

  • You should understand your favorite customer’s demographics, where they are from, what motivates them to choose the products they do and why they think the way they do.
  • Your marketing message should be in words the customer uses to describe the pain he/she is experiencing .  The message should clearly let the customer know that you are taking care of his/her problem.
  • The media that you use to relay the marketing message should be the ones the customer uses, whether it be traditional media like newspapers, TV or radio or new media like your website/blog or social media sites.

Do you really understand what drives your customers?  We all live and think inside a box that is defined by our economic circumstances, our wants and needs, our social backgrounds and our value system. To understand how your product or service can bring value to your target customer set is to understand how those customers think. Thinking inside the customer’s box is critical to providing satisfaction to the customer.

When last have we just asked for the customer’s opinion?  Another basic step in understanding how your customers place value on a product or service is to ask those customers. This works especially well when as an entrepreneur, you decide to expand your customer base by going after new customer sets.

Customers are always tuned to their favorite Radio Station WIIFM “What’s In It For Me” and the theme song you should be beaming to them should always be “You,You,You.”

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