Consulting Services for Startup Businesses

A successful startup is the result of a good business idea coupled with a well thought out strategy, sound planning, and rigorous execution of the plan.  YCHANGE provides a cross section of separately priced services to help you develop a winning strategy that takes you from concept to reality in logical steps that are in line with the startup process.

Image Development
We can help you choose a business name that works for your concept and we can also help you with the paperwork. We can give advice on choosing the right location, setting up the right lease and doing the appropriate build out.

Business Planning
People never plan to fail, they fail to plan. We help you and your team develop a business plan starting with a mission statement, product definition, a marketing strategy and financial projections. We help you design and write a forceful investor summary to make your plan more attractive when you need to raise capital to finance your business venture

Raising Capital
We help you project financials including revenue, income and cash flow to show beyond a doubt that your business can break even in a reasonable time frame and then can consistently earn after that.

Sales Consulting
No matter how good your product or service, if it doesn’t sell you won’t be successful. We help you develop the right packaging, set the right prices and then put together a sales strategy to generate the necessary revenue.

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