Startup Calculator

Every start-up needs a business plan and its most important element – the financial analysis. This tells you whether your business idea is financially viable and whether it will be profitable in a suitable time frame. You also need to understand how much start-up capital (money) you’ll need to get the business up and to keep it running until such time as you think it will become profitable.

In addition to your clear and precise business idea and your vision for the future, you also need to formulate a clear mission with goals as well as measurable objectives. Acquiring this understanding calls for developing and documenting the business plan. And to do this, you also need to collect information about the customers you are targeting, your product/service solution to their problems and the business environment.

In today’s global economy, the survival and prosperity of your business venture also hinges on your familiarity with the impact of technology on your marketplace and a thorough knowledge of your competition. Your success depends on your ability to identify those niches where you can be successful and the resources that you need.