Sales Consulting For Existing Businesses

Direct Sales
How effective is your direct sales channel?  We can assist you in establishing base criteria for your direct sales personnel and help you recruit and interview the right candidates.  We also help you put together training programs and compensation plans for your sales force.

Third Party Channels
Our network of experienced business executives can help you find the right business partners for your geographic markets, both national and international.  We can interview, train and mentor your distributors on an on-going basis. 

Sales Compensation Plans
Is your sales incentive plan working and are your sales people motivated?  We can answer that question by performing an in-house analysis.  We can also help you design and build a sales compensation plan that is geared to your products, services and marketplace.   

Customer/Prospect Pain Study 
Provides an in-depth look into the pain areas your customers or prospects face in relation to the products and services your company provides. We perform research to give you a view of the nature of the pain, the owner of the pain, the remedies they have considered or tried to ease this pain, and lastly how this pain affects their bottom line

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