Marketing Consulting For Existing Businesses

Corporate Marketing
Marketing involves everything your company does to gain customers and maintain a profitable and satisfactory relationship with them. We look at your company's four P's - product, place, price, and promotion - and try to match your products and services to the people who need and want them. We put together a corporate marketing strategy that covers all aspects of marketing and ensure that your marketing plans dovetail with your overall corporate business plan.

Marketing Communications
We can assist your organization with Investor and Public Relations as well as complement your marketing communications strategy.  We set up press briefings and even assist in the writing of your press releases and marketing collateral. Let us help you create an image for your company that you and your investors will be proud of.

Product Marketing
If you build or develop a product, we can help you enhance the working relationship between marketing and product development.  We'll help determine marketing requirements for new products or changes and updates to current products.  

Internet Marketing
We can help you use Internet marketing to lessen the disadvantage that small businesses face when competing with their larger counterparts. We advise you on those changes that will optimize your web site for the search engines and help you implement the most current social media marketing strategies. We emphasize quality content and a Web 2.0 strategy geared to your marketplace.

International Marketing
How do you match your product set to the specific international marketplace?  We perform market studies to determine the fit of each product and help you with the internationalization of your products.  We assist foreign-based companies to enter the North American markets and we help US-based companies to penetrate foreign markets.

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