Management Consulting For Existing Businesses

Business Model Review
Are you attacking the right customer sets and the right markets?  Does your product portfolio and distribution strategy match your world-wide target marketplaces?  We perform a business model review to prepare your company for any changes needed in the way you do business.

Product Portfolio Assessment
Where are your current products in their product life cycle and how relevant is your current product strategy to the needs of the marketplace.  Our product portfolio assessment examines each product and its place in the life cycle as well as its pricing and licensing to determine where we can generate the optimum impact in revenue generation. 

Technology Assessment
Is the right technology in place to gather and analyze the information needed to support an effective channel strategy?  We review the information requirements and lay out a technology plan to fill them.  This study includes the CRM application needs as well as sales tools and the right support infrastructure.  

Distribution Channel Assessment
Even if your target markets and your products are correctly matched, is your distribution channel performing optimally?  We perform an assessment of people, technology and processes to ensure successful distribution of the current product portfolio.  

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