Your Customer is the Most Important Part of Your Small Business

by Jim Smith on November 5, 2012 · 0 comments

As an entrepreneur you need to understand that both you and your product or service exist to solve your customers’ problems, satisfy their needs and take care of the pain they are suffering from.

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Everything you do should be geared toward the customer. You need to learn every aspect of your customer, including where they’re from, their demographics, how they think, how they behave and the key words and phrases they use as they talk about their problem and the pain they experience.

Put yourself in your customer’s place and you’ll understand that he/she is always thinking: “What’s In It For Me”. He/she doesn’t care about you or your business just what you can do to make his/her pain go away.

Your message therefore, should relate to their pain and how your product or service will make it go away. If you approach your small business with this in mind you’ll have a much better chance at success than if you spend your time developing the best USP (unique selling proposition) for your product or service.

Always keep in mind that your customer is the most important part of your small business.

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