Use Microwaves And These 12 Tips To Cleanup Your Small Business

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Here are twelve first quarter tips for cleaning up your small business. This is the time of year that owners of a small business reflect on the past year and pencil out the changes they want to put into effect for the New Year.  Our White House staff has just shown us that  microwaves can be useful in this kind of information gathering and dissemination.

Do a Business Plan Review

Having goals is one thing but taking the necessary steps to achieve them is what is most important for a small business.  Make a list of all your goals from the Business Plan. Look at the ones that you had from last year and the new ones that you’ve made. Evaluate the goals that you have made. Make sure that they are practical goals and write down the steps that you will take to achieve them.

Clean your office or work space

Now is a good time to clear all the clutter that has built up overtime in your office. It is well known that you are more productive if you occupy a space that is conducive to work. If you find that your filing cabinet is overflowing, go through the documents and shred those that are not important.

Clean your online office space as well

Go through your small business’s website and get rid of the excess widgets. Ensure that your web site is mobile responsive and works well with all platforms. Locate and fix any links that are broken and you can also use this opportunity to get a new theme.  If you have the time you can revamp your website totally. This is a good way to keep your customers interested as they are seeing something new and refreshing.

Clean up your Social Media presence

Update your Facebook and Twitter pages and update your LinkedIn and Instagram links. Make sure your share buttons are w0rking properly and your visitors can share your content easily.

Revamp your marketing plan

Some business owners stick to the motto “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. This can be considered a very safe way to run your small business. The world is ever changing and as such you want to ensure that you keep your business fresh and cutting-edge. Look at your current marketing plan. Make additions where necessary to entice your old customers and attract new ones. Keep in mind. There is always room for improvement.

Update your database

Organize your business cards. Often times you have some contacts that over the years you have lost touch with. Some of these contacts can prove to be very beneficial to your company. You want to ensure that you build relationships with those who are beneficial to your business.


Have you ever been to an office and all you can see is clutter? This is a major turn off to potential customers. If you find yourself with too much furniture, it’s time to get rid of some. Now is not the time to be too sentimental. Consider some fresh paint on the walls and some new furniture. If you are unable to redecorate, merely turning the desk to face the door  will automatically give the office a different feel.

Keep in touch

Follow up on referrals and leads in a timely manner. If you do not have a system in place for follow-ups, then create one.


Business cards can do so much and no more. Start your new year by going to business mixers and other social events. Take any opportunity to market your business and sell the services that your company offers. Be active and aggressive.

Streamline your supplies

Toss any equipment that is not working or that hasn’t been used over the past year.

Handle your Employees

Take a look at the persons that you employ. Do they need to be retrained? Do they need to be fired? Do you need more workers? Ask yourself some of these simple questions and make changes where necessary.

Take action

It makes no sense planning all these activities and making plans for change if you do not follow through.


Identify your priorities and stick to the plan.

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