Do You Have A Small Business Support Network?

by Jim Smith on January 18, 2008 · 0 comments

Every small business, whether established for a while or just starting up, should have a small business network. This should be at a minimum an informal group of friends or acquaintances who are there to provide both moral and subject matter support or the group can be more formal in the shape of an Advisory Board to give you advice and counsel whether for a fee or better yet pro bono.

The members of this team should consist of the following:
Your attorney
An insurance broker
A banker
An accountant
Your business counselor (SCORE)
Your Small Business Administration (SBA) adviser
Your business mentor (a very seasoned business person in your arena)
Your design/advertising guru
Your Internet/web guru
Your marketing strategist

They should be available for occasional consultation by phone or email and should meet as a team several times a year if at all possible.

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