10 Legal Mistakes Your Start-Up Should Avoid

October 7, 2013

I saw this article in the October 1st 2013 issue of All Business Experts by Richard Harroch, a Managing Director and Global Head of M&A at VantagePoint Capital Partners and had to share it with you. He focuses on the ten most common mistakes that your small business makes on start up. Avoiding these mistakes […]

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7 Reasons Why Your Customers Are No Longer Patronizing Your Bar

September 16, 2013

Noticed lately that your revenues are down and that along with that your customer count is also down.  You might want to pay ateention to these 7 things that you may be doing that your patrons do not like. 1.  Some of your bar staff leave glasses/dishes and beer bottles/cans on the counter while taking […]

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5 Critical Marketing Steps For Your Small Business

August 5, 2013

Struggling with how to grow your business? Perhaps you’re not thinking strategically enough. Here are 5 marketing steps you must take if you want to grow and sustain your company. 1. Have a strategic marketing plan Your business strategy is built on your knowing where you are currently and understanding fully where you want to […]

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8 Key Tips For Promoting Your Small Business

July 16, 2013

1.    Know Your Favorite Customer By definition, your favorite customer is the one who brings in the most revenue with the least hassle.  When you think of growing/protecting your customer base, this must be the prospective/current customer you think of first.  Understand what they like/don’t like and see where they congregate to look for products/services […]

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6 Key Small Business Tasks For The 2nd Half of 2013

July 1, 2013

As the 1st half of the year comes to a close, it is time to sit and take stock and plan for the second half. So here are some key tasks for your “to do” list: 1. Make a two column list. Everything that went right on the left and everything that went wrong on […]

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What Can Your Small Business Learn From Starbucks $1 Cups?

May 13, 2013

Something is different at my local Starbucks. In line for my requisite morning latte the other day, I noticed several regulars already holding the signature green-on-white cup. Perplexed, I asked the barista what was happening. Apparently I’d missed out on the launch of $1 reusable hot cups. The cups were deployed right around the turn […]

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Cut the Virtual Ribbon: Starting an Online Business

April 25, 2013

In generations past, great business ideas were relegated to pipe dreams if aspiring entrepreneurs didn’t have considerable resources. The Internet leveled the playing field. Today, anyone with an idea and healthy curiosity can have a money-making operation online in hours. All online businesses are not created equal, however. It may be a new platform, but […]

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6 Key Opportunities to Grow Your Business in 2013

March 12, 2013

As a business owner you are always looking for innovative ways to grow your business. You want to ensure that your company has its viability. If you are interested in expanding your business here are 6 key opportunities to grow your business in 2013. Identify your Company’s Weak Link and Strengthen it One of the […]

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Ten Tips for Cleaning Up Your Small Business

March 5, 2013

This is the time of year that entrepreneurs reflect on the past year and pencil out the changes they want to put into effect for the New Year. Here are ten first quarter tips for cleaning up your business. 1. Do a Goal Check – Make a list of all your goals. Look at the […]

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YouTube and Your Small Business

February 25, 2013

At some point or another you must have heard success stories of people being discovered on the internet. Many singers and actors have been discovered through online sharing sites such as YouTube. This seems to be the new trend that is quickly catching on as no longer do you have to sign up with an […]

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