16 Tips To Help Your Company Manage Accounts Payable

May 1, 2017

              Accounts payable is money owed by a company to its suppliers and shows up as a liability on the company’s  balance sheet.  An accounts payable is recorded in the Account Payable sub-ledger of the General Ledger when an invoice is approved for payment.  Suppliers generally offer various payment […]

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Should You Be An Entrepreneur

April 24, 2017

                Should you be an entrepreneur?  Are you an individual who, rather than working as an employee, wants to run a small business and assume all the risks and rewards of a given business venture, idea, or good or service offered for sale. Are you perceived as a […]

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Integrated Marketing, Your Key To Success

April 17, 2017

                  Integrated Marketing places your company’s identity, your brand, key product and corporate messages, positioning, visual images and sales under the same umbrella. It means your public relations materials say the same thing as your direct mail campaigns. Your advertising has the same feel as the home […]

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12 C’s That Help Identify The Favorite Customer

April 10, 2017

          The favorite customer is the one who produces the most revenue while requiring the least amount of care. It is a win-win situation if the majority of customers  could look like this. So here are 12 characteristics or C’s to help the entrepreneur recognize and appreciate this target customer. 1. […]

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7 Financial Steps To A Successful Startup

April 3, 2017

            These financial steps are key to helping you launch a successful startup  business.  Together they help you build a financially viable business that becomes profitable in a rapid time frame. They also help you understand the startup capital (money) you need to get the business to become profitable. First […]

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12 Things To Say To Your Competitors

March 30, 2017

            Pay attention to your competitors and the moves they make.  If they ever call or visit, here are 12 things you are allowed to say to them: 1. Don’t worry…I forgot your name too. 2. If I throw a stick, will you leave? 3. You don’t belong here. You’re […]

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The 4 Basic Steps To A Profitable Startup

March 27, 2017

            Popular opinion says that a great product and understanding how to run a business generally leads to a profitable startup.  On the contrary, they have very little to do with the ultimate success of your business.  Regardless of your inexperience or your product’s unsoundness, the following 4 steps will […]

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What Is Your Business Focus?

March 24, 2017

            Many a business of yesteryear has come, flourished for a time and gone.  Their business focus was on pushing a product down the customer’s throat and not the needs and wants of the customer. The customer needs were changing with time, sometimes because of technology, and the business focus […]

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5 Essential Steps To Grow Your Small Business

March 20, 2017

        Struggling with how to grow your business?  Perhaps you’re not thinking big enough. Here are 5  essential steps to grow your company to several times its current size. First essential step – look at financing alternatives. As an entrepreneur, you need easy access to small business loans through bank, angel investors […]

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Use Microwaves And These 12 Tips To Cleanup Your Small Business

March 17, 2017

          Here are twelve first quarter tips for cleaning up your small business. This is the time of year that owners of a small business reflect on the past year and pencil out the changes they want to put into effect for the New Year.  Our White House staff has just […]

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